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Puppies Available

We are available by Phone or Email and happy to answer any questions you may have! 



JULY 1, 2023 

(they are listed on the prices page) 

All of our puppies have been spoken for at this time. 

We are hoping to have a couple of new litters arriving in a month or two. 

Will keep the site updated as we get closer to their arrivals. 

Stay tuned for future litter announcements! 

Check back for updates!  


Puppy picks are made in the order that deposits are received by Dakotaland Springers. We will not hold a spot in a litter or hold a puppy unless a deposit is placed. We only accept 2 deposits per sex of puppy. So after that we add your name to our list and will contact in order names are received. 

 Please understand that we never know for sure what our moms are going to give us as far as sexes of puppies or colors in any litter. If you placed a deposit for specific color/sex and there is not one born/available from newest litter, your deposit will be held for the next available litter. for same sex and color choice.
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